Maths building project reflection

Afrah, Erica and I built a Green team and SRC meeting place. We were facinated by how well our building came along. Our estimate of the shipping containers was 10m x 2m. Our frame of refrence estimate was 11m x 2m. The actual shipping containers were 12.25m x 2.48m. Wer built this using cardboard, paper and clay. This was a term 4 project.

  • I learnt that you have to add lots of details to buildings to make it turn out good.
  • I learnt that you have to take lots of time to make a building to make it awesome.

Now I can draw really detailed pictures and I could never do that before. I also can make 3D buildings out of cardboard.

I have gained alot of the skill to think of better ideas. I also have gained alot of the skill to work better in groups.

A wondering I’m left with is if our building is actually going to be put where the shipping containers are.

flying to Fiji

When I was on the plane, I was so excited. I was sitting beside my mum and close to my sisters. When were taking off the clouds looked so amazing. The flight attendant showed us the safety instructions. We had an unexpected stop at Sydney. I saw the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. I was so amazing to be up higher  than the buildings. When we actually  were flying to Fiji, the flight attendants showed us the safety instructions for the second time. One flight attendant, to my surprise, gave my sisters and me a mini DVD player and I watched two movies. I was distracted by the clouds. At times it was hard to tell whether we were seeing the sky or the ocean. I told mum we were looking at the ocean and I was right. Then after what seemed like ages we finally arrived in Fiji. When all got excited when we could see the islands from the plane. The  islands were all green and beautiful.