100WC week #22

There is a tree house down the street and I would love to play but it is locked. “Mum why is the tree hales locked” I asked. “Someone lives in there” mum answered. “Ok, do you know who” I question. “No, sorry” she said surging. “Well I’m going to” I said excitedly. So I went to the tree hales and knock on the door. “who is it” a man said. “I’m tom” I replied “I live down the street can I come in”. “Ok, I’m jack its nice to have a new friend ” he said with.

2 thoughts on “100WC week #22

  1. Hello Esther,

    You took a very interesting approach to this prompt. I like the idea of someone living in a tree house down the street.

    Just try to pay a little bit more attention to your writing. There seems to be a few words missing.

    Keep up the good work!

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