“Hello and welcome to EBEY news I’m Chris and this is Ana” said Chris.         “Today where going to talk to you about the fire that happened at MPP (Moonee Ponds primary) concert, here is Natasha to tell you more”.

“Thanks Ana and Chris now as some of you know there was MPP cabaret was on Tuesday the 28th of the 10th “Natasha said. “When the first performance was on it was getting hot and hotter and hotter through every performance, but at the last performance the fire started. The audience thought it was part of the act, but it was not” Natasha said. “The fire got worse every line they sang. Then someone in the audience screamed “fire, fire” the fire surrounded the stage, everyone had to run to the church car park. The fire brigade came just in time and everyone was safe” Natasha finishes.

“Thank Natasha, unfortunately that is all we have time for” said Ana.                                        “See you next time on EBEY NEWS” they both said.