I couldn’t believe it when my ears stared hurting because of how much screaming I heard from   Daphne and Emily because of daddy long legs. But Malia and I were not scared

It all started when Emily was hanging her bag in the cupboard when she saw the daddy long legs. She started screaming.                                                           “ What, what is it” said Emily.                                                                                          “Daddy long legs” replied Daphne. We all came closer then Emily and Daphne started to scream                                                                                                                              “why are you so scared” Malia and I asked.                                         “Because it’s a spider” they replied. “I have an idea” said Emily “I will spray my insect replied”                                                                                                                    “yes do that” said Daphne   “but don’t breath it in”. So she spread and spread it did not work. a few days later Malia got her shoe and killed it .

A another good thing that happened is when we went to the war memorial. We learnt about a lot of different people who went to war and some who are heroes. when we were going to the last post there were two walls full of poppy’s and people who fought in the wold war one there so many poppy’s it was like a red room. Then we saw the post it was about a boy how fought in the war 

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