this b.t.n is about reusing rubbish. have you ever wonders where your rubbish  goes well it goes to big wholes in the ground called landfill. most rubbish can be recycled but electronics and plastics take longer to recycled. a few  decades age people started to think of ways they could take out the recyclable rubbish. now the newest ways of recycling is called upcycling witch is were you it’s where you don’t really change the product, you kind of just keep it like it is and you cut it up or something and make it into something completely different. about  50,000 Aussie kids  are upcycling.

if you would like to see this video click on this link http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4183196.htm

100WC #2

“OK let’s play a game” Joe said.                                                                    “but i hate your games” i said.                                                               “but this ones good it has lolly’s” said Joe.                                                  “i like lolly, OK i’ll play” i said.                                                                  “so fist i put to lolly’s on the table’ one is not nice and one is nice and then you have to eat one” Joe expand.                                                ” lets play” i said.  then Joe put two lolly’s on the table and i ate the red one. “hot hot hot my moth is on fire” i said “i’m talling mum”        “Joe come down hear” mum said                                                                  “coming, what” Joe ask                                                                            “you know what” said mum                                                                           “but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper “

Performing Arts Leaders

I strongly believe that I should be a Performing Arts Leader because I am  good at filming &  taking photos, I can organize cupboards , and I can help with the Art Show.

My fist argument is that I am good at and I enjoy  filming &  taking photos. I often take photos at home and my sisters say I am good at taking photos. My dad got me a camera just so I could take  pictures.

My second argument is that I can organize cupboards. I had to  organize the cupboards at my Mum’s house, my Dad’s house and my Dad’s barber shop cupboard. My room is organized at both houses and I can organize things well.

My last argument is that I can help with organizing the Art   Show. Last year,  I helped setup the Science Fair so I can help with  the Art Show because i will listen to the right instruction and i have a vague   idea on what to do.

That is why I should be a Performing Arts Leader because I am good at filming &  taking photos, I can organize cupboards , and because I can help with the Art Show.

B.T.N hand writing

This b.t.n story is about hand writing and how Finland  has decided to scrap hand writing and do typing instead.

In Finland they have decided to scrap hand writing and do typing lessons  instead. Some Australian experts are saying that we should start to. people are also saying that  if we stop then we will forget how to spell because of ado-correct. they have also decided to put NAPLAN only but I wonder  if you do NAPLAN couldn’t kids just look up the questions.

if you wont to see the full video then click this link


100 WC #1

“Yack” I said “I’m not eating that, we may be in the                       “great outdoors” but I’m not eating that”.                                                 “Well what else are you going to eat” said dad.                                        “I bring a sandwich” I said with a smirk.                                                  “Well you won’t have it for much longer” mum said moving back. There was a grey hyena.                                                                                  “Oh no” dad said “give it  sandwich”.                                                             “No way I’m not eating bush taka” I said “sandy clime the tree” “that’s not sandy it’s not even a cat” said mum                                    “oh its mislabel without her” I said  “eat the sandwich” said dad “Ok” is said and then ate it