I was walking to school one day then i sore this amassing car but then as they turned the corner hit me  i fell down. the guy how hit came out of the car to see if i was OK. the next thing i know i was in the hospital. my mum was there the guy who hit me was there. i had test to cheek my bode and hart were working. when i went to school the next day every one was obsessing over me because i was all over the news. it was the wireds thing ever


this b.t.n story was about a boy named  David who is red and green color   blind. the way the eye works is there is a rod witch helps you see light and the cons witch helps you see colors and Davids one of Davids cons dose not work well so he gets confuse with  red and green. color blindness comes from genetics. its more cowmen  in boys then girls

100WC #25

“mum”! i yelled.                                                                                               “yes, come down hear” mum said.                                                               so i came down the stirs with Bella.                                                             “we may have Brock a pipe up stirs” said Bella.                                        “what how did you do that” said mum.                                                    “there was this green thing in the smash part in the wall and i carefully  poct it” i said.                                                                          “that will cost an arm a leg and a horse” mum said “how much water  came out”.                                                                                          “it’s so big you could swim in it ” said Bella.                                              “Bella” i said.                                                                                           “what she was going to find out anyway” said Bella.                            “you two are in big tubule” said mum.





100 wc

“can i tell you a story” i jess

“yes, pleas do” respond the girls

“once upon a time there was a happy girl” Jess stared “she lived in a small town called wawa but then she had to move house  . she was sad to move because all there friends live in wawa. her new town was called maga it  was a big town with lots of new  people  . but there is sometink about this town witch is not right. but then one day she bord  then when I looked out of the plane window to see what was there then boo!