100 #32


“Thanks for taking us to the children’s farm, mum” I said.                             mum smiled                                                                                                                             “Let’s go to the chicken farm” said Emil.                                                                 “OK I” I agreed “Emil  stop ” but he could not hear . I soar this glow to my right, so I move closer. When I got to the glow I realized  it was a fruit tree, I took a small bite of the fruit  the next second every was so big.                                                                                                                                            “what am i going to do”.  I soar and other glow it was in the chicken farm. When I got there the tree was as big as me so I eat that one. I was big.


most of you propeller know the game Minecraft  but did you know that there is a composition going on, well let me tell you about it. this composition was created by the South Australian  government  there calling on classes to work together to figure out what the state’s national parks should look like. the winning design might become a real park.  it also helps kid with getting  architects skills and Minecraft is a lot like the  thing architects might use.

if you wont to see the video then click on the link below


100WC #31

“Cinderella” said the evil step mother. Cinderella was not listing because she had her headphones in and did not care. ”Cinderella, come down now” yelled the evil step mother. Cinderella did not respond. The evil step mother smashed the door open witch got Cinderella attention. “What” Cinderella said?                                                     “clean the bathroom, NOW” yelled the evil step mother.                      “no” Cinderella said.                                                                                                       “what did you just say to me”.                                                                                           “I said no” she said “I’m sick of you bossing me around”.                                 “you’re going to clean the bath room”.                                                                      “no I’m not”                                                                                                                       “then who will”?                                                                                                                      “you can” said Cinderella putting her headphones back in

100WC #30

I was woke up by the kid across the rood playing his drum .I was so happy for today because I had dance at school. I had cornflake for breakfast. When I got to school I read my timetable. Math, English, snack, literacy, lunch and dance. All day until after lunch I was day dreaming about me dancing. When we got to dance the teacher said “ok today we will be doing the lion dance”. after school I run home and told my mum how it had to do lion dance and I Danced with the grosses boy in school