scientific lab report: connecting circuit

Aim:  to observe  what happens when you connect two different circuit to make on circuit 

Prediction: we think the brightness from the light will become dimmer because there is more electricity being used by two light blobs.


we think this will  happen because there is more electricity being used. 

Materials:                                                                                                          (what you will need )

  • 3 light bulbs
  • 3 circuits
  • 3 batteries

Method:(write in steps.Include variables -what will you change?what will you keep the same ?what will you measure ?)

Step 1 : Set up circuit 1 and 2                                                                          Step 2 : Turn on circuit 1                                                                                Step 3 : Turn on circuit 2                                                                                Step 4 : Observe the brightness of the two different

observation: esther picture

 We observed that with the larger circuit, the lights bulbs were dimmer and the batteries ran out faster than the plain circuit with one battery, one light bulb and a smaller circuit.

Our group feel that to help with our aim we should have done some research about what type of circuit to create. We think that what circuit we did create effected the end result of the experiment. Afterwards, we did some research on series and parallel circuits to decide that should have done one of those. They look like this:
A circuit od series and parrallel

We think that after researching about this we should have maybe done something like the parallel circuit.

Our experiment was successful because what we thought would happen did happen. The light bulbs on the larger circuit were dimmer than the light bulbs on the normal circuit. This happened because the electricity running through the larger circuit was being used up faster by the light bulbs than the smaller circuit because there is  more wire to get through and more light bulbs to power. Our circuit was a series circuit and our group feel that that effected the result of the experiment and should have set up a parallel circuit to compare them.

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