on the 9 of December the year 5/6 took our buddies on an execution to the royal botanic gardens we took  a bus to get there and sat with our buddies. before we left we got a little booklet for our buddies to write down how they felt using there 5 scenes.

first we went to one of the lakes and saw ducks, black swones , eels and more we wrote down what we felt we said spiky grass, what we saw, what we heard we said birds and what we smelt we said grass and bird poo.

then we walk throw  a little path way with a rain forestry feel. well we where walking the sprikelet when off and we go  wet, my buddy  it was raining.

after that we went to the herb garden we had to find different herbs. when we found all the herbs we got to look around to find any herbs me and my buddy found the best smelling herb that smelt like lemen grass but better.

at the end of the day

we had our lunch and played a big game of duck duck goose. then we when back to school and started writing this.








scientific lab report: connecting circuit

Aim:  to observe  what happens when you connect two different circuit to make on circuit 

Prediction: we think the brightness from the light will become dimmer because there is more electricity being used by two light blobs.


we think this will  happen because there is more electricity being used. 

Materials:                                                                                                          (what you will need )

  • 3 light bulbs
  • 3 circuits
  • 3 batteries

Method:(write in steps.Include variables -what will you change?what will you keep the same ?what will you measure ?)

Step 1 : Set up circuit 1 and 2                                                                          Step 2 : Turn on circuit 1                                                                                Step 3 : Turn on circuit 2                                                                                Step 4 : Observe the brightness of the two different

observation: esther picture

 We observed that with the larger circuit, the lights bulbs were dimmer and the batteries ran out faster than the plain circuit with one battery, one light bulb and a smaller circuit.

Our group feel that to help with our aim we should have done some research about what type of circuit to create. We think that what circuit we did create effected the end result of the experiment. Afterwards, we did some research on series and parallel circuits to decide that should have done one of those. They look like this:
A circuit od series and parrallel

We think that after researching about this we should have maybe done something like the parallel circuit.

Our experiment was successful because what we thought would happen did happen. The light bulbs on the larger circuit were dimmer than the light bulbs on the normal circuit. This happened because the electricity running through the larger circuit was being used up faster by the light bulbs than the smaller circuit because there is  more wire to get through and more light bulbs to power. Our circuit was a series circuit and our group feel that that effected the result of the experiment and should have set up a parallel circuit to compare them.

Science experiment












forgiveness poem

Forgiveness it the only way,

We all make mistakes.

It’s the best form of love.

It helps get the pain a way.

I can’t undo what I have done,

But I can say sorry.

I wish I could go back to that day

But things are not that way

Anyone can hold a grudge

But it takes a person with character to forgive.

It’s not something we do for other people

But for ourselves


I wish I was easy for you to forgive me

But I know it’s not

What I did was wrong

And I know that

When you forgive you

 Need to forget as well

It’s not easy

But you should try


poetic and word lines lessons

For this lesson  our goal was i understand how authors play with language features  to achieve particular purpose. in this we did an activity where we when in to of gropes 3 of 4 and wrote  words that go in to different word gropes and made a poem my gropes poem was

………………..Tokyo ……..was sleeping ………….at this time of night……………….but……….the sky was…………….. still colorful …………..with its stars shining bright.

6 room poem lesson

In this lesson we learn how to write a 6 room poem the steps are

room 1- think of an image that to you is amazing, beautiful or is interesting and visual.

room 2- what are the colors you see and what is the light is it light  or dark and where does the light come from.

room 3- what can yo hear? can you hear voices animals can yo hear peace and quiet what are the sounds you hear.

room 4- do you have any questions? any wonders about the pitcher.

room 5- how are you feeling relaxed happy angry or sad.

room 6 – fined  phrase or a word that you can repeat 3 times.

my poem

the sunset shining on the Crystal water

waves crashing agents the sand

sunlight shining orange red and yellow

waves crashing agents the sand

where dose the ocean lead to

waves crashing agents the sand

calm  relaxes peaceful

st john first aid

on the 13/8/2015 we had a man name Neil came from  st john he talk  us about what to do when some one is unconscious the had a slid show of  what to do the steps are DRSABCD.

the first step is D to cheek for danger and see how it happen.

then R you cheek for a response by yelling there name if you don’t get a response, claw them on they shoulders if that if you don’t get a responses again then send for help by calling 000 remember  to never hang up in till they are in the room with you  and that is S.

A is airways make shore that they head is not on the chest of that will block the air ways.

B is breaths look, listen feel that is how to tell if they are breathing. look you put your hand in they stomach and if it goes up and down than that are berthing and if you put your head near there ear and you can hear or feel there breaths.

C is CPR  witch we did not lean about

Defibrillator is D,  Defibrillator is a machine that gives you a shock to get you up.

then we did a test on our computes i got 10/10. if you wont to do the test then go to this link


staring  out the window in the classroom  wonder why no one ever goes in  the forest across the rood from school. they where my school days, but i never got a answer to why no one goes in  the forest. when i ask people they say i have bigger things to worry about  but i still wont to know.                                                                                                         “i wish someone new” i said  to my friend Jake                                                                                                                           “why, your 19 now” they was silents for a minuet

“your not thinking about going in are you”

“why not” i said

“if you go in i’m not coming”

“why not tack a risk”





Hi I’m Pluto; you know that big round thing in space yep that’s me. You might think it is really cool up hear in space but for me it isn’t, it’s really lonely. I sometimes see rocket ships pars but they never come to me. I have always wished for one to come to me so I would not be so lonely, but it has never happened and I often wonder way. This one time I saw this wired thing coming at me I was so happy I followed it with my eyes but it just past right by me.