100 #32


“Thanks for taking us to the children’s farm, mum” I said.                             mum smiled                                                                                                                             “Let’s go to the chicken farm” said Emil.                                                                 “OK I” I agreed “Emil  stop ” but he could not hear . I soar this glow to my right, so I move closer. When I got to the glow I realized  it was a fruit tree, I took a small bite of the fruit  the next second every was so big.                                                                                                                                            “what am i going to do”.  I soar and other glow it was in the chicken farm. When I got there the tree was as big as me so I eat that one. I was big.

100WC #31

“Cinderella” said the evil step mother. Cinderella was not listing because she had her headphones in and did not care. ”Cinderella, come down now” yelled the evil step mother. Cinderella did not respond. The evil step mother smashed the door open witch got Cinderella attention. “What” Cinderella said?                                                     “clean the bathroom, NOW” yelled the evil step mother.                      “no” Cinderella said.                                                                                                       “what did you just say to me”.                                                                                           “I said no” she said “I’m sick of you bossing me around”.                                 “you’re going to clean the bath room”.                                                                      “no I’m not”                                                                                                                       “then who will”?                                                                                                                      “you can” said Cinderella putting her headphones back in

100WC #25

“mum”! i yelled.                                                                                               “yes, come down hear” mum said.                                                               so i came down the stirs with Bella.                                                             “we may have Brock a pipe up stirs” said Bella.                                        “what how did you do that” said mum.                                                    “there was this green thing in the smash part in the wall and i carefully  poct it” i said.                                                                          “that will cost an arm a leg and a horse” mum said “how much water  came out”.                                                                                          “it’s so big you could swim in it ” said Bella.                                              “Bella” i said.                                                                                           “what she was going to find out anyway” said Bella.                            “you two are in big tubule” said mum.





100 wc

“can i tell you a story” i jess

“yes, pleas do” respond the girls

“once upon a time there was a happy girl” Jess stared “she lived in a small town called wawa but then she had to move house  . she was sad to move because all there friends live in wawa. her new town was called maga it  was a big town with lots of new  people  . but there is sometink about this town witch is not right. but then one day she bord  then when I looked out of the plane window to see what was there then boo!

100WC #27

“I’m spending the night at the zoo” said Ella
“yes you are but only for tonight” said mum
“let’s go” said dad
So dad and I went to the zoo. All my friends were there Maya, Holly, olive and may.
“Hi” we all said.
Then a tiger escape from its cage we all run and screed I was so scared .But then someone cart. It I was happy.so we spent the night at the zoo as we where supposed and the stars pretty pretty stars. In the morning mum pick me up from the zoo

100WC #24

Ones upon a time a bare the bare name was goldilocks ,goldilocks was waking in the woods when she came across a home of 13 people goldilocks when in the home and there was three plat of beef on the table and goldilocks ate a bit off each plate in till she found the perfect beef then goldilocks found the stalls she sat and sat in till she found the countable stall she found the pitches in the kitchen she looked and looked in till she found the the right pitcher then she looked out the door and there where all the people

100WC #23

“My diamond have been stolen” I said on the phone to Carrie “bye who” Carrie asked “ the police say master criminal Johnny” “do you know where they are” “stack in said a huge miro chip in Echuca” I replied sighing “do you have to get them” Carrie said “yes” I said “I going to call Lenny bye” Carrie Said

“hi Lenny do you know about the diamond” said Carrie “yes do you know how hard it will be” Lenny asked “I think he will have to pushing through the earth to get them again” Carrie said “yes probably” Lenny said

100WC week #22

There is a tree house down the street and I would love to play but it is locked. “Mum why is the tree hales locked” I asked. “Someone lives in there” mum answered. “Ok, do you know who” I question. “No, sorry” she said surging. “Well I’m going to” I said excitedly. So I went to the tree hales and knock on the door. “who is it” a man said. “I’m tom” I replied “I live down the street can I come in”. “Ok, I’m jack its nice to have a new friend ” he said with.

100WC #21

Meetings were held across the country to find an answer where are all the kids at Moonee ponds primary school gone.
“ I only have Holly, Mali, Malia and Esther, ” said jess. “I don’t know were they I’m sorry,” Matt said. “Well I’m going find them” jess said. “Can we come,” Holly asked. “Yes” Jess said looking at Matt.
They search the whole school, they found a an underground path that leading to a … party. “There they all are” said Mailia “You think” Esther said. “I wonder who is hosting this party” Mali asked
Everyone pointed to Deen, Deen stoped and smiled
“Deen” Jess yelled.

100 word challenge

“What is that?” asked Charlotte.

  “Are you seeing things ?” asked Gabby.

 ” No I’m not I saw a strange looking animal that looks like  a cat/dog.” explained Charlotte, “Came.”

So Gabby followed her.

“See,” Gabby laughed.

”what’s so funny?” asked Charlotte..

”That is your next  door neighbour’s cat” explained Gabby.

Charlotte laughed too.

” Yeah you’re totally seeing things.”

”I’m not’.’

”Came with me”

 So Gabby followed.

“OMG,” they  both stated, “It looked like a dog / cat.”

 Gabby was laughing, “What’s so funny is your next door neighbour’s cat .”

“Oops,” they both laughed.