this b.t.n story was about a boy named  David who is red and green color   blind. the way the eye works is there is a rod witch helps you see light and the cons witch helps you see colors and Davids one of Davids cons dose not work well so he gets confuse with  red and green. color blindness comes from genetics. its more cowmen  in boys then girls

B.T.N hand writing

This b.t.n story is about hand writing and how Finland  has decided to scrap hand writing and do typing instead.

In Finland they have decided to scrap hand writing and do typing lessons  instead. Some Australian experts are saying that we should start to. people are also saying that  if we stop then we will forget how to spell because of ado-correct. they have also decided to put NAPLAN only but I wonder  if you do NAPLAN couldn’t kids just look up the questions.

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