this term well the year 5 have been doing NAT-PLAN  the year 6 havey been doing a esmart

modral 1 i understand  viruses are easy to get on your   commuter. you should all ways cheek the apps on your phone or iPad and that  an internet cookie bis something that stores every website you behan on.     Why is it called an Internet cookie.two facts  are  if your computer hash a viruses then i will run slower and thing will pop up.  someapp continuous to update and wast dater even if your not on it the pp. My question is Why is it called an Internet cookies

modral 2 alway have a good password, don’t hake in to others people acownts and I you right a password down then put is some where safe. My facts are never put personals details online, don’t give credit card details to web sights. A questions is how do you make a web sight.

Modral 3 I understand  some times if you have to info your computer will run slow, that any one can creat a we sight and some on line sight have pirmishen to ask for pitches and details  . facts are a URLs is the address of a file and it is better to use different so you can get more info. my qwestion is how do people creat social media apps and web sight.

modal 4 I understand that sights will not permit illegal contacts, photos or videos can only be sent to other people if you get perdition  of other people and every one has the right to say if they won’t a photo or video up online. Facts  getting music or movies free is like stealing from who mad the music, it’s dangers to be on your phone well you drive or on a ladder. My question is how do the polices punish you if do something bad or rude online

modal 5