most of you propeller know the game Minecraft  but did you know that there is a composition going on, well let me tell you about it. this composition was created by the South Australian  government  there calling on classes to work together to figure out what the state’s national parks should look like. the winning design might become a real park.  it also helps kid with getting  architects skills and Minecraft is a lot like the  thing architects might use.

if you wont to see the video then click on the link below


100WC #30

I was woke up by the kid across the rood playing his drum .I was so happy for today because I had dance at school. I had cornflake for breakfast. When I got to school I read my timetable. Math, English, snack, literacy, lunch and dance. All day until after lunch I was day dreaming about me dancing. When we got to dance the teacher said “ok today we will be doing the lion dance”. after school I run home and told my mum how it had to do lion dance and I Danced with the grosses boy in school

this term well the year 5 have been doing NAT-PLAN  the year 6 havey been doing a esmart

modral 1 i understand  viruses are easy to get on your   commuter. you should all ways cheek the apps on your phone or iPad and that  an internet cookie bis something that stores every website you behan on.     Why is it called an Internet cookie.two facts  are  if your computer hash a viruses then i will run slower and thing will pop up.  someapp continuous to update and wast dater even if your not on it the pp. My question is Why is it called an Internet cookies

modral 2 alway have a good password, don’t hake in to others people acownts and I you right a password down then put is some where safe. My facts are never put personals details online, don’t give credit card details to web sights. A questions is how do you make a web sight.

Modral 3 I understand  some times if you have to info your computer will run slow, that any one can creat a we sight and some on line sight have pirmishen to ask for pitches and details  . facts are a URLs is the address of a file and it is better to use different so you can get more info. my qwestion is how do people creat social media apps and web sight.

modal 4 I understand that sights will not permit illegal contacts, photos or videos can only be sent to other people if you get perdition  of other people and every one has the right to say if they won’t a photo or video up online. Facts  getting music or movies free is like stealing from who mad the music, it’s dangers to be on your phone well you drive or on a ladder. My question is how do the polices punish you if do something bad or rude online

modal 5


I was walking to school one day then i sore this amassing car but then as they turned the corner hit me  i fell down. the guy how hit came out of the car to see if i was OK. the next thing i know i was in the hospital. my mum was there the guy who hit me was there. i had test to cheek my bode and hart were working. when i went to school the next day every one was obsessing over me because i was all over the news. it was the wireds thing ever


this b.t.n is about reusing rubbish. have you ever wonders where your rubbish  goes well it goes to big wholes in the ground called landfill. most rubbish can be recycled but electronics and plastics take longer to recycled. a few  decades age people started to think of ways they could take out the recyclable rubbish. now the newest ways of recycling is called upcycling witch is were you it’s where you don’t really change the product, you kind of just keep it like it is and you cut it up or something and make it into something completely different. about  50,000 Aussie kids  are upcycling.

if you would like to see this video click on this link http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4183196.htm

100WC #2

“OK let’s play a game” Joe said.                                                                    “but i hate your games” i said.                                                               “but this ones good it has lolly’s” said Joe.                                                  “i like lolly, OK i’ll play” i said.                                                                  “so fist i put to lolly’s on the table’ one is not nice and one is nice and then you have to eat one” Joe expand.                                                ” lets play” i said.  then Joe put two lolly’s on the table and i ate the red one. “hot hot hot my moth is on fire” i said “i’m talling mum”        “Joe come down hear” mum said                                                                  “coming, what” Joe ask                                                                            “you know what” said mum                                                                           “but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper “

Performing Arts Leaders

I strongly believe that I should be a Performing Arts Leader because I am  good at filming &  taking photos, I can organize cupboards , and I can help with the Art Show.

My fist argument is that I am good at and I enjoy  filming &  taking photos. I often take photos at home and my sisters say I am good at taking photos. My dad got me a camera just so I could take  pictures.

My second argument is that I can organize cupboards. I had to  organize the cupboards at my Mum’s house, my Dad’s house and my Dad’s barber shop cupboard. My room is organized at both houses and I can organize things well.

My last argument is that I can help with organizing the Art   Show. Last year,  I helped setup the Science Fair so I can help with  the Art Show because i will listen to the right instruction and i have a vague   idea on what to do.

That is why I should be a Performing Arts Leader because I am good at filming &  taking photos, I can organize cupboards , and because I can help with the Art Show.

100 WC #1

“Yack” I said “I’m not eating that, we may be in the                       “great outdoors” but I’m not eating that”.                                                 “Well what else are you going to eat” said dad.                                        “I bring a sandwich” I said with a smirk.                                                  “Well you won’t have it for much longer” mum said moving back. There was a grey hyena.                                                                                  “Oh no” dad said “give it  sandwich”.                                                             “No way I’m not eating bush taka” I said “sandy clime the tree” “that’s not sandy it’s not even a cat” said mum                                    “oh its mislabel without her” I said  “eat the sandwich” said dad “Ok” is said and then ate it



I couldn’t believe it when my ears stared hurting because of how much screaming I heard from   Daphne and Emily because of daddy long legs. But Malia and I were not scared

It all started when Emily was hanging her bag in the cupboard when she saw the daddy long legs. She started screaming.                                                           “ What, what is it” said Emily.                                                                                          “Daddy long legs” replied Daphne. We all came closer then Emily and Daphne started to scream                                                                                                                              “why are you so scared” Malia and I asked.                                         “Because it’s a spider” they replied. “I have an idea” said Emily “I will spray my insect replied”                                                                                                                    “yes do that” said Daphne   “but don’t breath it in”. So she spread and spread it did not work. a few days later Malia got her shoe and killed it .

A another good thing that happened is when we went to the war memorial. We learnt about a lot of different people who went to war and some who are heroes. when we were going to the last post there were two walls full of poppy’s and people who fought in the wold war one there so many poppy’s it was like a red room. Then we saw the post it was about a boy how fought in the war 

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Activity One:

Define each word using a dictionary. Show whether it is a verb, noun etc.

  1. There: adverb

in, at, or to that place or position.

  1. where : adverb

in or to what place or position

  1. Were: ???

second person singular past, plural past, and past subjunctive of


  1. Said: adjective

used in legal language or humorously to refer to someone or something already mentioned or named.


  1. Sounds: noun

vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear


  1. Opened: verb

move (a door or window) so as to leave a space allowing access and vision


  1. Laugh: verb

make the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement and sometimes also of derision


  1. Sure: adjective

completely confident that one is right.


  1. Walked: verb

move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once.


10. You’re: contraction

You are