on the 9 of December the year 5/6 took our buddies on an execution to the royal botanic gardens we took  a bus to get there and sat with our buddies. before we left we got a little booklet for our buddies to write down how they felt using there 5 scenes.

first we went to one of the lakes and saw ducks, black swones , eels and more we wrote down what we felt we said spiky grass, what we saw, what we heard we said birds and what we smelt we said grass and bird poo.

then we walk throw  a little path way with a rain forestry feel. well we where walking the sprikelet when off and we go  wet, my buddy  it was raining.

after that we went to the herb garden we had to find different herbs. when we found all the herbs we got to look around to find any herbs me and my buddy found the best smelling herb that smelt like lemen grass but better.

at the end of the day

we had our lunch and played a big game of duck duck goose. then we when back to school and started writing this.